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Visible Measures is a fully-integrated data, media, and measurement company for OPT-IN viewership of brand-produced videos. Advertising is most effective and efficient when clients pay for only for what target audience opts-in to watch.

OPT-IN MEDIA: Our data-powered syndication platform is ideally suited to help advertisers distribute content and deliver business results
UNIQUE OPT-IN AD EXPERIENCES: Promoted Video, Skipstream, and Choice-Roll ad formatsgiving users explicit choice to watch or skip
INVENTORY: Access to over 300MM uniques across our platform of over 650,000 sites including premium direct publishers, programmatic exchanges and social platforms (AOL, CBS,, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, etc.)
CPCV PRICING: We can support CPV or CPCV buys for desktop/mobile/tablet placements across our network and also offer 100% viewability and fraud protection.
TOP MEDIA PARTNERSHIP: Twitter Premium Video allowing us to offer premium video within TV inventory with VAST compliance
YouTube & Social Platforms: Visible Measures is also one of the only YouTube approved distribution partners and we can run/manage TrueView directly for you to guarantee views to your branded YouTube channel/video. In addition to YouTube, we can run/manage across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at a locked-in, guaranteed pricing based on your past rates, demo targeting, video length etc. Utilizing our data and any 3rd party measurement, Visible Measures can target your audience on our network across high-reaching and premium placements that do not allow the YouTube player, while also managing your TrueView/Social buy in order to integrate your content across both YouTube and Non-YouTube incrementing inventory. This is the best strategy to maximize campaign impact across all partners to drive unified performance and engagement at scale.

Targeting: Through our proprietary mix of data analytics and media solutions, Visible Measures seeds and integrates your content across hyper-targeted demographically, contextually, geographically, and behaviorally relevant environments and optimize to ensure your content is reaching audiences that will drive awareness, engagement and sharing.
This also includes customized site, interaction and sequential retargeting. We can layer 1st and 3rd party targeting data/pixels, utilizing partners such as BlueKai, AOL, eXelate and comScore, MOAT etc.
MEASUREMENT: We are the only official 3rd-Party Measurement & Tracking company for brand-produced videos. Accredited by the MRC for cross-platform tracking of OPT-IN views for all major video publishers and platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

True Reach®: This is our MRC-accredited metric that captures all paid, owned and earned views across the web. Rather than just looking at a single source or asset, True Reach® captures the views of all campaign videos on YouTube, Facebook and hundreds of other sites across the open web where millions of people are engaging with branded content.
Methodology: True Reach® combines views of an original/paid video upload with it’s related organic/user-uploaded content across hundreds of properties. To do this, our sophisticated technology and team of analysts discover and track new video campaigns in real-time across the web to garner the most complete performance.
Through our proprietary True Reach (total viewership across all paid & earned media) technology we have access to historical data from video ad campaigns run by your brand as well as your brand’s competitors.

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